Progress of the program for the modernization of the treaties of friendship, commerce, and navigation; genesis of the investment treaty

[231] Extract From Bulletin No. 200, May 2, 1949

Master set of the Department of State classified internal publication Current Economic Developments for the years 1945–1969, as maintained in the Bureau of Economic Affairs (FRC Accession No. 72 A 6248, boxes 218–224).

[232] Memorandum by the NAC Staff Committee to the National Advisory Council

The National Advisory Council on International Monetary and Financial Problems (the NAC was established in August 1945 pursuant to the provisions of the Bretton Woods Agreements Act of July 31, 1945 (59 Stat. 512), to effect coordination in the formulation and implementation of the foreign financial policies of the United States.

[234] Extract From Bulletin 227, November 7, 1949

Current Economic Developments, 70D467