560.AL/5–2149: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom


us urgent

1772. For Bliss. Dept greatly concerned Annecy reports re UK pressing SoAfr institute discriminatory import controls. In accordance. Deltel 134 from Annecy1 rptd London as 8, pls take matter up with Brit not later May 23 along lines Deltel 129 from Annecy, rptd London as 7. NAC agencies here agreed unanimously that no discrimination is justifiable in SoAfr case.2

Sent London 1772, rptd Annecy 128, rptd Capetown 55.

  1. Not printed. In this Annecy cable the Embassy in London had been urged to discuss the matter of the South African import restrictions with appropriate British officials not later than May 23 (560.AL/5–2149).
  2. Frank A. Southard, U.S. Executive Director on the International Monetary Fund was authorized by the National Advisory Council (NAC) to take this position at an IMF meeting on May 20 (Department’s telegram 127, to Annecy, May 21, 1949, 560.AL/5–2149).