710.J/3–2248: Telegram

The Ambassador in Colombia (Beaulac) to the Secretary of State


137. There are numerous indications that Communists and left wing Liberals will endeavor to sabotage inter-American Conference in order [Page 23] to embarrass Colombian Government and create difficulties among American republics. The Colombian Minister Foreign Affairs who has just been replaced has twice been pelted with eggs during the last several weeks, A riotous group identified as Liberals last Friday attacked the Presidential auto in which the Ecuadorian Ambassador was riding after presentation of credentials. Considerable damage was done to the car despite police escort. Posters have appeared around town condemning Pan-American conference.

Foreign Minister Saturday night gave dinner to Diplomatic Corps at Palacio San Carlos. Streets leading to Palacio were heavily guarded by police and soldiers. Nevertheless a hostile crowd congregated outside the Palacio. Embassy has received numerous reports Communists would demonstrate against incoming delegations particularly American.

Recent replacement of Coalition Cabinet by an all Conservative Cabinet may have effect of increasing overt opposition to government and efforts to sabotage conference.