Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State to President Truman 1

Subject: United States Delegation to the Ninth International Conference of American States to be Convened at Bogotá, Colombia March 30, 1948.

This Government, as a member of the Pan American Union and the Inter-American System, has accepted the invitation of the Colombian Government to participate in the subject Conference, at which it is anticipated all of the American Republics will be represented.

In view of the importance of this meeting at which a number of matters relating to the future of the Inter-American System as well as economic cooperation between the countries of this hemisphere will be discussed, it is important that this Government be strongly represented. After consultation with other offices of the Government, Congressional leaders and individuals who are prominent in the field of Inter-American affairs, I am submitting herewith the attached list of persons who are available and whom I recommend to represent the United States at this Conference.2 These delegates will be accompanied by a qualified group of advisers and a technical and administrative staff.

In this connection I should mention that the Delegation does not contain any representative from outside of the Government owing to the highly complex nature of the agenda and the limited facilities at Bogotá. Every effort has been made, however, through individual discussions and consultative meetings, to obtain the advice and opinions of representative groups and prominent individuals in connection with the formulation of the United States positions at this Meeting.

I shall appreciate your informing me whether you approve the designation of the individuals set forth in the attached list to serve in the capacities as indicated thereon.

N[orman] A[rmour]
  1. Marginal notation: “Approved. Harry S. Truman, March 19, 1948”.
  2. For list of members of the United States and other Delegations at this Conference, see USDel Report, pp. 277 ff.