714.44A15/7–1748: Telegram

The Ambassador in Guatemala (Kyle) to the Secretary of State

us urgent

306. Foreign Office yesterday handed me note transmitting its note dated July 15 to British Minister proposing that both governments formally request US mediation on Belize controversy. Full text follows by despatch.1

Guatemalan note to British observes that notwithstanding fact both parties accept in principle desirability submission dispute International Court of Justice, it has not been possible harmonize their viewpoint as to terms of reference; that such impasse has been aggravated by presence British troops and warships Belize, by British proposals settle European refugees in Belize, and for inclusion this territory in British Caribbean Federation; and that Guatemalan Government now desires give new proof its good will by suggesting mediation friendly state; then reads:

“In virtue of which, I have the honor of requesting Your Excellency to transmit to the British Government the formal proposal which, by means of this note and through Your Excellency, the Guatemalan Government makes to the effect that both governments agree to solicit jointly the mediation of the US Government, in the confidence that said government, as a loyal friend of both parties, will gladly offer itself to act as mediator in this controversy which has been, and is, a grave obstacle to our good relations and to mutual international cooperation.”

  1. Not printed.