The Department of State to the Guatemalan Embassy


The Department of State refers to the confidential memorandum from the Embassy of Guatemala dated May 21, 19481 in which inquiry is made as to whether the United States would be disposed to mediate the controversy between Guatemala and Great Britain over the Belize territory in the event that the Governments of Guatemala and Great Britain should both make such a request. As is known, the Department of State has repeatedly over a long period of time shown its interest in the conclusion of a mutually satisfactory settlement of this problem between Guatemala and Great Britain, and has always been and continues to be willing to be of such assistance as might be feasible in bringing about a general agreement. If the Governments of Guatemala and Great Britain should decide to request the Government of the United States to mediate this dispute, it would appear desirable that the governments which are parties to the dispute should, upon presenting this formal request, already have exerted every effort to reduce existing tension.

  1. Not printed.