832.50 JTC/11–3048: Telegram

The Ambassador in Brazil (Johnson) to the Secretary of State


1224. Comments Deptel 789, November 24 are appreciated. Embassy and Abbink concur in view that desired objectives could be accomplished by invitation to Finance Minister to repay informal Secretary Snyder visit. It is understood that Finance Minister would be receptive to such invitation which should include party to enable him to bring Gomes, Bastos and Sampaio.

Believe it highly desirable that Bouças be in US at time of visit. He plans trip soon on his own account so his movements in US probably could be coordinated with those of visiting officials.

Finance Minister undoubtedly has considered Brazilian reaction [Page 370] including that of Nationalist and Communist press to visit to US and discounted possibility of unfavorable repercussions.

Visit would be at time when deliberations and preparation of report will have been sufficiently advanced so that hazard of stimulation over ambitious plans as result of visit, a danger that already has been considered, appears remote. It would, moreover, permit thorough examination operations and setup New York Port Authority, Pennsylvania, Turnpike Authority and similar organizations and further assist Brazilians to visualize aspect of self-help we have been emphasizing. It is believed most of personnel USDel will have completed work except for final drafting of report by time visit would take place.

If Department and Treasury approve, hope arrangements can be made to extend invitation promptly.1

  1. In telegram 1254, December 14, 6 p. m., not printed, the acceptance of the invitation to visit the United States by Finance Minister Correa e Castro was indicated (832.50 JTC/12–1448).