832.50 JTC/11–1848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Brazil


789. In consultation and with concurrence Treasury officials, following comment made re suggestion Abbink outlined Embtel 1201, [Page 369] Nov 18, concerning proposed visit this country members Braz Delegation Technical Commission, general objective of which appears sound.

There is strong opinion here that if entire Braz Del visits U.S. and then returns Brazil and joint report reflects maximum self-help by Brazil, employment of foreign skills and foreign private capital, interpretation in Brazil may be that Braz Del has been subjected to high pressure during visit and has sold out to Amer interests. It is suspected this line would be taken by extreme Rightist as well as Communist press.

Also thought visiting Braz Del, in seeing Amer industry, might project over-ambitious plans for development, possibly with foreign aid, which might not be practical or economic for Brazil for some years. View here is also that lengthy formal visit might unduly delay report aid return U.S. personnel who are urgently needed in agencies here.

Of Braz Del, Bougas and Bulhões well acquainted this country. Abbink objective might be accomplished in less pointed manner if Secy Snyder were to invite FinMin Correa e Castro to repay informal Snyder visit to Brazil. Minister might bring with him Del members Anapio Gomes, Alves Bastos, and Bittencourt Sampaio. For obvious reasons, expenses such visit should be for account Braz Govt. Abbink could at same time accompany FinMin at request Secy Snyder.

It is desired emphasize Treas and State have full confidence discretion and judgment Abbink. However, seems wise suggest these forementioned elements before final decision taken. Secy Snyder fully informed considerations. Further comment from Abbink and Emb requested.