635.0031/7–1448: Airgram

The Ambassador in Argentina (Bruce) to the Secretary of State

A–379. Referring to the Department’s telegram no. 631, dated July 13, 1948,1 this Embassy is interested in having the Department’s advice as to how exports from the Argentine to satellite countries would jeopardize essential supplies requirements OEEC countries, as ECA has communicated to Argentine Government here through Hensel that no supplies are necessary in this regard for the next six months.

Regarding military and semi-military goods reaching Europe, Argentina is very short of these items and would have none available for shipment. The factual situation is just the opposite and that is that Czechoslovakia has been making continuous offers of military equipment to the Argentine through Skoda Works. The Department will perhaps remember that Embassy here negotiated cancellation of one such contract in the amount of approximately $18,000,000 covering the purchase of 50 batteries of 88 mm. anti-aircraft guns, substituting for same the purchase of an equivalent number of 90 mm. guns from the United States Army.

The other suggestions in the Department’s telegram are sensible and entirely in accordance with our own views but as the matter is such an important one as part of over-all policy we did not like to express same without confirmation by the Department.

  1. Not printed.