840.00/7–348: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Belgium


1036. Frequent reports of continued activities of Van Loo (US Mil Attaché Airgram Nr. AGC–97, 25 June 19481) and like-minded individuals becoming source of increasing irritation. While we understand Belg business instincts we do not understand seeming indifference of Belg Govt to activities having effect of syphoning off mil potential of Brussels Pact powers. We should think that Spaak would have even stronger feeling in this respect since ultimate action on part of US in implementing Vandenberg Resolution2 depends upon preliminary action by Brussels signatories.

We would consider that placing by Belg Representatives of arms [Page 325] exports question before Five Power Mil Commission would be definite step forward.3

Sent Brussels as 1036 rptd Lond as 2549 Paris as 2463 and Hague as 302.

  1. Not found in Department files.
  2. For the text of Senator Vandenberg’s Resolution of June 11, 1948, see the first compilation in volume iii .
  3. In telegram 1387, July 7, Embassy Brussels reported that the Belgian Government had referred the question to the Five Power Military Commission (501.BB Palestine/7–748).