The Secretary of the Army (Royall) to the Argentine Minister of War (Sosa Molina)1


Your Excellency: With respect to the Crittenberger Memorandum of 8 December 1948 [1947?], I can now inform you that the United States Army will make available to the Foreign Liquidation Commission to be sold to the Argentine Government as surplus property the equipment tabulated in the attached list (Tab A2). This list includes the items of List 1 which were declared available in the two interim replies to your Government of March and May, this year. There is also included the ordnance items found to be available to the extent of approximately 20% of the total amount of the requirements set forth in your List 1. The principal weapons which are offered are:

5 75mm howitzers on motor carriages
16 40mm antiaircraft guns
3 57mm antitank guns
270 50 caliber machine guns
143 30 caliber machine guns
953 submachine guns

The list contains numerous other items of ordnance equipment, such as fire control materiel, ammunition, spare parts, tool kits, etc.

We are compiling, and will give to your Attaché or other liaison representative at an early date, the remainder of List 1 which is not available from United States Army stocks and which you may desire to buy in the American market. The United States Army will be glad to confer with your liaison representative to furnish further facts about the non-available items and to give technical assistance in determining the most suitable way of effecting purchase of those items which you decide to buy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

With respect to your oral request at our meeting on 21 May, I am able to confirm that seven additional vacancies for Argentine officers at the Armored Force School have been made available and the invitation has been extended to your Government through both your Military Attaché here in Washington and our Military Attaché at Buenos Aires.

With warmest regards, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Kenneth C. Royall
  1. See footnote 1, p. 321.
  2. Not printed.