Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Charles C. Hauch of the Division of Caribbean Affairs


Subject: Dominican arms requests; international tension in the Caribbean

Participants: Ambassador Luis F. Thomen—Dominican Republic
Mr. Daniels—Director, ARA
Mr. Walker—CRB
Mr. Hauch–CRB

The Ambassador called at Mr. Daniels’ request to review the current situation on the above-mentioned subjects. Mr. Daniels inquired as to the Ambassador’s impression of the general situation in the Caribbean. The Ambassador agreed that the situation had calmed down some. He said that other governments in the area appeared less bellicose than heretofore. Mr. Daniels referred to the statement of Venezuelan President Gallegos on February 15 to the effect that the Venezuelan Government does not participate in any attempt to disturb public order in [Page 166]other countries. Mr. Daniels felt this set a very good example and inquired whether perhaps the Dominican Government might not likewise make such a statement with respect to its activities. The Ambassador was noncommittal on this point, but stated he would pass Mr. Daniels’ remarks on to his Government.

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