Memorandum of Conversation, by the Director of the Office of American Republic Affairs (Daniels)

Subject: Venezuelan-Dominican Relations

Participants: Señor Dr. M. A. Falcón-Briceno, Minister-Counselor, Venezuelan Embassy.
Mr. Paul C. Daniels, Director for American Republic Affairs.

Just prior to a meeting today at the Pan American Union, I inquired of Dr. Falcón-Briceno if he thought the Venezuelan Government would be agreeable to issuing a public statement to the effect that it was not permitting and would not permit revolutionary activity in Venezuela directed against another country. I pointed out that Ambassador Carnevali1 had already assured me that this was the case, and that perhaps some useful purpose might be served if the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs were to make a public declaration along the same line. I suggested that Dr. Falcón-Briceno consult with Ambassador Carnevali and let me know their opinion.

Dr. Falcón-Briceno said he could see no objection to any such move, and said he would let me know after he had talked with his Ambassador.

I said that, of course, if the Venezuelan Foreign Minister were to make such a public declaration, it might well be that the Dominican Foreign Minister might make a similar declaration; and that in such a case the general effect might be favorable in easing the current tensions.

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(Note: In this connection see memorandum of conversation dated January 21, 1948, between the Dominican Ambassador and Mr. Daniels.)

  1. Gonzalo Carnevali, Venezuelan Ambassador in the United States.