731.39/1–2148: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela (Donnelly) to the Secretary of State


46. I called on President Betancourt January 20 to invite him to a dinner in his honor and instead of brief visit the President talked for over an hour about matters interest to both governments. With respect Dominican situation President was very emphatic in denying reports originating in Dominican Republic that Juan Bosch is in Venezuela organizing an invasion against Dominican Republic. He added “we are not conspiring against Trujillo;1 we are not financing anti-Trujillo movement; but if Trujillo attempts invade Venezuela we will counter with reprisals including attacks on Dominican Republic.”

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President said his government would be pleased to receive a commission from the UN or PAU to investigate charges that Venezuela organizing against Trujillo and that commission would be free visit all military installations in all parts country. He said he was very serious about this suggestion and implied that to complete investigation commission should also visit Dominican Republic.

All reports reaching Embassy support President’s statement no clandestine military movement here. It is evident however government concerned perhaps unduly over Trujillo threat including collusion with dissatisfied elements here as evidenced by reinforcement military guards around Miraflores and alertness military barracks Caracas.

Sent Department 46, repeated Ciudad Trujillo.

  1. Gen. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, President, Dominican Republic.