693.0031 Tibet/8–648

The Dalai Lama of Tibet to President Truman 18


I am glad that you are enjoying the best of health and doing good service to uplift the happiness and prosperity of the whole world. Here, I am well and doing my best for the religion of Lord Buddha and welfare of all beings. Tsepon Shakabpa, the Financial Secretary of the Tibetan Government, and his assistant, Khenchung Changkhimpa, are being sent to America to observe trade conditions and to purchase gold and silver for importation to Tibet Kindly extend your most appreciated assistance to them in purchasing and exporting gold and silver from America. With greeting scarf, a portrait of myself bearing my seal and a silk embroidered Thangka.

Dalai Lama
  1. With reference to this letter and the two infra, Matthew J. Connelly, Secretary to President Truman, wrote the following memorandum dated August 5 to the Chief of Protocol (Woodward):

    “Here are the letters in translation to the President from the Dalai Lama, the Regent and the Cabinet Ministers of Tibet. By direction of the President, they are being sent to you herewith for appropriate action by the Department.

    “The greeting scarves, the scroll, and the two portraits are being retained here. Will you please see to it that the original letters are ultimately returned to the President.”