693.0031 Tibet/8–248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China ( Stuart )

1127. Chi Min has presented written request from Chi Amb that Dept arrange appointment for Tibetan Mission with Pres, Chi Amb to accompany Mission on call (reurtel 1413, Aug 2). Chi Min pointed out that Chi Emb had no knowledge contents of letters to Pres from Dalai Lama and Regent but hoped no reference made political matters as this “could not be countenanced” by ChiGovt. Min requested that any written replies to Tibetan authorities from Pres be transmitted thru Chi Emb or AmEmbassy Nanking. Min further requested that appointment with Pres not be granted in event Tibetans declined to see Pres under Chinese auspices.

You are instructed inform FonOff these arrangements offer no solution to problem outlined Deptel 1086, July 28. As Dept indicated would be case, Tibetans have informally stated they would prefer return Tibet without seeing Pres rather than be accompanied on call by Chi Amb. Moreover, suggested formula would appear somewhat disingenuous since Chi Amb already knew from discussion this subject with Mission that Tibetans’ acquiescence to Chi Ambs participation in [Page 773] call probably impossible to obtain. It would further appear Chinese thus expected place blame for failure arrange Presidential appointment for Mission on Tibetans themselves and thus avoid press criticism that projected visit frustrated by ChiGovt.

Dept does not feel itself bound to have ChiGovts concurrence to call on Pres by Tibetan Mission without attendance Chi Amb but would of course prefer reach acceptable solution. Accordingly pls endeavor to obtain FonOff concurrence indicating in this connection that in press announcement of visit emphasis would be made on fact that appointment with Pres was arranged basis of request received from Chi Emb. For your info Dept has reason believe Chi Emb regards with disfavor stand taken by Nanking and considers that it in China’s own interest to cultivate good relations with Tibet and to this end to be helpful rather than obstructionist to the Tibetan Mission.

Also for Embs info it is expected the Secy will receive Mission members for informal visit on Aug 6. Reactions of Chi Emb this matter have not been solicited.