693.0031 Tibet/8–648

The Tibetan Regent to President Truman 19


Tsepon Shakabpa, the Financial Secretary of the Tibetan Govt., and his assistant, Khenchung Changkhimpa, are being sent to observe and enquire about trade conditions of wool, yak’s tail, variety of fur and other trade goods for export from Tibet and foreign goods for import from China, America and England and also purchasing gold and silver for the benefit of Tibet. In view of the most cordial relation between America and Tibet, I hope that you will kindly assist them in connection with their trade matters.

With greeting scarf and a portrait of myself bearing my seal.

Takdak Pandita Hothokthu
The Tutor of the Dalai Lama and Regent of Tibet
  1. A similar message sent to the Secretary of State, not printed.