501.BB Korea/1–2948: Telegram

The Political Adviser in Korea (Jacobs) to the Secretary of State

32. Pol 944. After his appearance before subcommittee 21 on January 28th, Kimm Kiusic gave press conference of which the following is a summary:

In reply to inquiry from member of UN Commission whether present is proper time to conduct general election. Kimm said that if such election is to be conducted impartially for benefit of all people and in [Page 1088] democratic way, it will take considerable time to make necessary preparations.

In reply to inquiry whether, if UN Commission is not admitted to north Korea, government should be set up in south Korea alone, Kimm said that UN Commission cannot insist on latter because its mission is to supervise general election in United Korea. If Commission cannot carry out original mission, then it should refer Korea question back to interim committee for re-examination. He said if UN Commission observes elections and sets up government in south Korea only, it will merely perpetuate division of country into north and south, with north Korea becoming satellite of Russia. However, one Korean newspaper reported that Kimm said, in this connection, that if commission cannot obtain Soviet cooperation, there should be general election and establishment of a government in south Korea which should receive UN recognition. He also insisted that there should be conference of leaders of both north and south Korea under supervision of UN Commission.

  1. UNTCOK subcommittee 2 “To examine documents received and to secure statements from Korean personalities” was presided over by S. H. Jackson, of Australia.