740.00119 Control (Japan)/2–2748

Mr. Frank G. Wisner, Deputy to the Assistant Secretary of State for Occupied Areas ( Saltzman ), to the United States Representative on the Far Eastern Commission ( McCoy )

top secret

Dear General McCoy: As you know, Mr. Kennan1 has recently left for Japan for discussions with General MacArthur on certain questions of basic importance to U.S. policy. The matters he will discuss are:

United States security needs in the Pacific;
Desirability of an early treaty with Japan with or without the Soviet Union; and
Steps which can be taken now to speed up Japanese economic recovery.

Before Mr. Kennan left he requested that further action in matters which are going to be the subject of his discussions with General MacArthur be delayed until his return. Mr. Lovett2 approved this suggestion.

I shall send you as soon as possible a list of those papers now before the FEC which the Department regards as falling within the subjects of Mr. Kennan’s discussions with General MacArthur.3 Meanwhile, will you and the members of your staff kindly avoid taking action on papers which in your judgment you feel would fall in the above categories.

Sincerely yours,

Frank G. Wisner
  1. George F. Kennan, Director of the Policy Planning Staff.
  2. Robert A. Lovett, Under Secretary of State.
  3. The list of papers was sent in a letter dated March 19 in which further suggestions were made as to “delaying action” but “without openly implying that the United States Government is reviewing its Japan policies” (740.00119 Control (Japan)/3–1948). In the meantime Mr. Kennan’s travel schedule provided for visits to Okinawa and Manila before leaving Tokyo for Washington about March 22 (telegram 60, March 11, from Tokyo; 740.00119 Control (Japan)/3–1148).