740.0011 PW (Peace)/1–2148: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Smith ) to the Secretary of State 1


111. Embassy surprised Dening’s2 emphasis on desire early Jap peace treaty (London desptach No. 2937, December 19, 19473) and [Page 654] opinion that Soviets might finally join 11-power conference if their “bluff” called. We do not believe Soviets are bluffing or that they would never [ever?] join such a conference. Still appears to us that Soviets would prefer stay out and that we have no advantage to gain by quick Jap treaty (Embtel 3310, December 24). British Embassy official here indicates agreement our point of view, says Embassy has similarly reported London.5

Repeated to London.

  1. Repeated in 137, January 28, 4 p.m., to Nanking and as 25 to Tokyo. The Department forwarded in instruction 10, January 23, to Tokyo the several communications exchanged on the subject of a peace conference.
  2. Maberly E. Dening, Assistant Under-Secretary of State, British Foreign Office.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Printed in Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. vi, p. 583.
  5. Telegram 201, February 2, 5 p.m., from Nanking, reported the Embassy’s complete agreement with Moscow’s opinion and added that Soviet intentions would encourage delay in effecting a final settlement with Japan (740.0011 PW (Peace)/2–248).