The Secretary of State to Senator William F. Knowland of the Senate Committee on Appropriations

My Dear Senator Knowland: I understand that you have talked with Mr. Allen, our former Ambassador to Iran, concerning your letter to me of March 18th1 regarding the inclusion of aid to Iran in the Greece-Turkey Aid Bill.

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The Iran Government has requested us to extend additional credit of ten to fifteen million dollars for the repair and shipment of surplus military supplies which Iran desires to purchase from us. The Department has been energetic in seeking means through existing facilities to provide this additional credit and it is hoped that the means will be found through the War Assets Administration. Since we were already working on the Iranian matter from this angle, it was not considered necessary to include a reference to Iran in the Greek-Turkish Bill.

The Department appreciates your interest in the Iranian situation and fully shares your desire to support Iran. Mr. Allen will keep in close touch with you regarding developments in this connection.

Faithfully yours,

G. C. Marshall
  1. Not printed.