891.20 Missions/2–1648: Telegram

The Ambassador in Iran (Allen) to the Secretary of State


189. During my farewell call1 on Prime Minister today I expressed concurrence in Ambassador Ala’s recommendation (Dept’s 131, [Page 110] February 10) that Iran Government submit to UN Soviet note of January 31 and Iranian reply. Prime Minister said he agreed but asked whether I thought Soviets would be seriously annoyed by such action. I said they would undoubtedly be displeased but that any disadvantage on this score would be more than offset by advantage of letting Soviets and world know that Iran had confidence in UN and that Soviets could not expect to write notes of this kind without having them brought to attention of world organization. I said that for action to be effective it must have no appearance of having been prompted.

Hakimi gave every indication of intention to send notes to Secretary General for SC information.

Sent Department as 189, repeated London as 20.

Department pass Moscow as 12.

  1. Ambassador Allen was returning to Washington to serve as Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs.