891.105A/1–2748: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iran


113. We feel that appropriate US action subject urtel 94 Jan 27 might be along following lines:

You might inform Iranian PriMin and Shah that US Govt has noted that recent assumption by Kupal sole command of Gendarmerie is in apparent contravention Article 20 agreement between US and Iranian Govts dated Nov 27, 1943. You might state that, while US Govt is disposed accord assistance Iran in this as in any other matter solely on request Iranian Govt, it is regrettable that Iranian Govt should, without prior notification or discussion, disregard terms of agreement in question. You might then add that, in view of unilateral action Iranian Govt in this instance, US Govt wishes to be informed whether Iranian Govt desires abrogate agreement, in which case military personnel detailed to Ministry of Interior will be directed by you terminate services.

You might continue by stating that, in event Iranian Govt should wish US Govt detail military personnel to Iranian Gendarmerie in purely advisory capacity, we are prepared consider such request; favorable US decision would, however, require satisfactory explanation recent Iranian unilateral action and clarification proposed role of Mission under agreement with deletion Article 20 which amendment might be effected by exchange of notes; it is to be assumed that Iranian decision to request or not to request resumption Mission will be made on merits question in Iran’s national interest and not in light extraneous foreign pressures.

In event Govt Iran should request resumption Mission above basis, tentative thought here is that Mission Chief of Schwarzkopf’s experience and rank might be both unnecessary and undesirable.

Presentation above views is left entirely your discretion. If above line of action not feasible, please advise Dept urgently. Army concurs in all above.

It occurs to us that, in view Soviet note, Iranians may well decide reinstate Schwarzkopf Commander Gendarmerie or alternatively seize opportunity eliminate Mission entirely. In latter case, we would not [Page 107] wish to appear invite Iranians sacrifice Gendarmerie Mission as appeasement Soviet Union.1

  1. Ambassador Allen presented a note, dated February 7, to Prime Minister Hakimi which incorporated the substance of telegram 113. The Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Farajollah Aqevli insisted that the Iranian Government neither desired to abrogate the agreement governing the gendarmerie mission nor to amend it in any respect. The following day the Ambassador discussed the matter with the Shah, who stated that the “Iranian Government does in fact desire amendment of agreement to eliminate Article 20 and that Government’s reply would be in this sense.” (telegram 158, February 9, 2 p. m., from Tehran, 891.105A/2–948)

    For the text of the statement released by the American Embassy to the Iranian press on February 25 concerning the note of February 7 and Ambassador Allen’s conversation with the Prime Minister, see Department of State Bulletin, March 7, 1948, p. 307.