891.20 Missions/2–648

The Ambassador of the Soviet Union in Iran (Sadchikov) to the Iranian Prime Minister (Hakimi)1

On instructions my Government I have honor bring following your attention:

According information we have received, Iran concluded with US Government on October 6, 1947, agreement for engagement American Military Mission in Iran.2 According terms agreement this measure taken to affect collaboration with Minister of War and Armed Forces under Iranian Flag and for enhancing military efficiency Iranian Army.

As result this agreement that Iran Government is permitting American Military Mission intervene in activities Ministry of War, General Staff, and all branches Ministry of War and field units.

According this agreement all activity Iranian Army will in fact depend on military representatives American Government. Agreement in question will moreover give American Government exclusive right have its military agents occupy important posts.

At same time nationals other foreign countries prohibited from entering service Iranian Army without prior consent United States Government.

Thus this agreement establishes influence American Government in organization and command Iranian Armed Forces and consequently Iranian Army loses character of Army belonging to free and sovereign country.

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Soviet Government therefore feels it necessary draw attention Iranian Government to following facts:

Re-equipment Iranian Army is taking place under control American military advisors using American arms similar those furnished by US to Turkish Army.
Moreover, and of primary importance, arms will be furnished Iranian Army on credit.
General Grow established reorganization plan Iranian Army at beginning year 1947. This program received imperial approval and became basis for organization armed forces of Iran.
Special committee of Iranian General Staff participated in by American military advisors is changing all Iranian Army regulations to conform with American regulations.
Moreover, Americans have prepared program for transforming Iranian war industries. This program calls for development Iranian military factories on basis American techniques permitting repair American arms when necessary.
At request and on instructions American advisors very large air field has been constructed in city of Qum and equipped with American materiel. Extent this air field as well as particular attention devoted by American advisors to its construction show that it has not been established for use Iranian aviation; likewise establishment underground gasoline depots in region Delijan (between Qum and Isfahan) also merits attention.
During 1947 a steady influx various advisors and other American officials arrived in Iran.
Moreover these officials arriving in Iran are not only establishing themselves in Iranian Army but are also occupying positions in other establishments including civil aviation and the Iran tour company. In addition these officers everywhere occupy important positions in these establishments.
Repair former American military camp and barracks at Tehran and their being handed over to American Military Mission is additional fact worthy consideration. It can be surmised from this that arrival of a large number American officers and soldiers in Iran is to be anticipated.

All these facts demonstrate that at present time American advisors are playing capital role in problems relating to Iranian Armed Forces. Activity these advisors has effect of transforming Iran into strategic base of US Government.

In addition foregoing facts there is evidence activities forementioned Americans may constitute threat to border areas USSR. Construction fortifications along Soviet borders under supervision American advisors may be mentioned this connection.

In December 1947 special committee was set up in Iranian General Staff. American specialists participated this committee which was established to draw up plans for construction new air fields as well as completion those already existing. In these plans special consideration is being given construction air fields adjacent Soviet borders.

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Flights and travel of American specialists in regions near Soviet frontiers, ostensibly for purpose inspecting Iranian Army and gendarmerie units, have increased. Fact is these flights and trips of American specialists are for purpose taking photographs and making investigations of military nature on Iran-Soviet border.

Government USSR considers it necessary invite attention Iran Government to fact that conclusion of October 6, 1947 agreement between Iran and US is contrary to main points of treaty friendship signed February 21, 1921 by USSR and Iran, and contrary to friendly relations and neighborliness, Soviet Government therefore expects Iran Government take prompt measures remove unusual conditions thus created.3

  1. Transmitted to the Department by Tehran in telegram 147, February 6, which contains the following opening sentence: “Text Soviet Ambassador’s note January 31 to Iran Prime Minister follows:”
  2. See editorial note, Foreign Relations, 1947, vol. v, p. 966.
  3. Telegram 147 concluded with: “End text Soviet note.” and was signed by Ambassador Allen.