891.20 Mission/1–1448: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iran

top secret

32. State and Army have given considerable study possible courses of action by U.S. military missions Iran in event of unusual internal [Page 95] or external developments there. As senior U.S. rep in Iran,1 you are expected to guide military missions in all their official activities in event of any abnormal developments in Iran. With realization that in event of such developments you will initially be in better position than Dept to determine most desirable course of action, and with Army concurrence, following guidance is provided:

In event of disorders involving domestic threat to legal authority central or provincial Govts, both Missions should adhere strictly to terms of reference in agreements between US Govt and Iran Govt, and continue normal advisory relations.
In event of disorders involving aimed contest between Army and Gendarmerie, Mil Missions should suspend activities until instructed by Amb to resume advisory relations.
In event of unconstitutional seizure governmental power by any Iranian group, Missions should suspend activities pending Dept recognition successor Govt.
In event of threat to Iranian independence or territorial integrity in border areas by foreign-supported forces, Missions should continue normal advisory functions unless otherwise directed by US Amb.
In event of threat to authority provincial Govts or independence central Govt by foreign forces or in event of outright attack by foreign power, Missions should act only on direction of, but in any capacity specified by, US Amb.
Plans for evacuation military mission personnel should be formulated so that they can be carried out on minimum notice by direction of Amb.
In event of development of nature not specified above, or in event combination of several above emergencies, Mission should be guided by such instructions as you deem appropriate to situation.

Above guidance should be discussed with Chiefs two military missions. Army has advised Chiefs direct (Warx 92287, Dec 9) that you will be provided such guidance and that in event of emergency they will abide by such instructions as you may issue.

  1. Ambassador Allen.