890.50/3–1248: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman) to the Secretary of State


1031. Apologizing for Foreign Office delay Burrows head Eastern Department said today in connection with Department’s A–1 January 2 regarding social and economic affairs in Middle East that Foreign Office accepts all Department’s amendments to memorandum with exception changing second “support” in section 4d. Foreign Office believes that in connection with application to International Bank “support” rather than “encouragement” is intended.

[Page 72]

2. Regarding distribution Burrows agrees with Department outline. He understands Department has no objection to Foreign Office sending memorandum to Sudan, Transjordan, Cyprus and other posts where there are no US missions.

3. Burrows has no suggestions regarding US draft covering instruction which he described as “admirable”. He finds number Department’s additions “helpful” and said that in one form or another these would be adopted by Foreign Office in preparing final draft British instruction. Burrows assumes that Department’s instruction and Foreign Office instruction need not be identical in phraseology providing substance is same.

4. Burrows expects final clearance Foreign Office instruction and necessary typing can be completed by March 20 and said that any time after that date Foreign Office will be in a position to send out its instructions. However, before taking this action Burrows promised to await word from Department when its instruction would be ready. He thinks that while US and British instructions need not arrive simultaneously it would be preferable for them to reach a particular post “within a fortnight.”