Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Herbert A. Breakey of the Petroleum Division

Participants: Messrs. [James] Terry Duce and [Philip C.] Kidd, Arabian American Oil Company
Colonel [William A.] Eddy, Arabian American Oil Company
Mr. Sanger, NE
Mr. Jenkins, NE
Mr. Breakey, PED

Mr. Terry Duce, of the Arabian American Oil Company, being in the city for a few days, was invited to meet with some of the State Department officials to inform them of the last developments regarding the Trans-Arabian pipe line.

[Here follow four paragraphs of observations by Mr. Duce.]

Mr. Duce summarized the situation as follows:

The company is going ahead with the pipe line as planned.2
This winter it is proceeding with the line in the south.
The company is not at the present time interested in an alternative route, but it may investigate such possibilities.
The company, however, will consult with the governments at present concerned before attempting any alternative routes.
If war develops in Palestine,3 new plans will have to be considered.

  1. Cairo, on January 26, had advised that Aramco was giving consideration to abandoning the Tapline project for six years and to negotiating transit rights in Egypt (telegram 75, 883.6363/1–2648).
  2. Documentation on Palestine is scheduled for publication in part 2 of the present volume.