741.90F/2–1248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Legation in Saudi Arabia

top secret   urgent

40. Favorable reaction now received from London to Dept’s suggestions re Anglo-Saudi treaty and US assistance SAG (London’s 543, Feb 12, repeated Jidda as No. 161). You may therefore approach King as indicated Deptel 32, Feb 6.

[Page 222]

State and National Defense agree your conclusions unwise mow raise question assignment military attaché Jidda in addition military attaché for air (re par. 3, Legtel 56, Feb 9).

In view statement SAG (Legtel 55, Feb 91) that appointment Air Attaché with military status could not be agreed upon at present, you may wish to suggest that US Govt would be willing assign Air Officer, preferably Col. Seeds,2 to Leg on restricted basis as explained par (a) Deptel 32, Feb 6. Because of high regard with which SAG holds Col. Seeds and because Air Corps [Force] plans to send new commander Col. O’Keefe to Dhahran in near future desirable to try for Col. Seeds’ appointment as Air Adviser to Leg on military matters pending acceptance by Saudis appointment full fledged Air Attaché.

Also agree (re Legtel 57, Feb 103) that Anglo-Saudi treaty concluded at this time might abate King’s apprehension of Hashemites and their friends. However, Dept believes it would be inadvisable for us to support any specific Anglo-Saudi treaty text that has been or may be proposed and suggests that you comment generally along line of preceding sentence if HM mentions subject.

Sent Jidda 40. Repeated London 494;

  1. Not printed.
  2. Col. Dale S. Seeds, Commanding Officer of the Dhahran Air Field.
  3. Not printed.
  4. Not printed.