741.90G/1–548: Telegram

The Chargé in Iraq (Dorsz) to the Secretary of State

top secret

7. At audience with His Royal Highness mentioned Embtel 5, January 5,1 I expressed views along lines those Embtel 803, December 31.1 His Royal Highness said he was glad learn US Government felt this way as he believed satisfactory revision Anglo-Iraqi Treaty would be important factor in promoting stability Middle East. As result progress made in preliminary discussions with British, he was hopeful that mutually beneficial agreement would be reached during Prime Minister’s visit to UK. Weather permitting Prime Minister was scheduled depart January 6.

I mentioned that local press and several prominent political leaders had been bitterly attacking government for Iraq’s treaty relationship with Great Britain and had been demanding that no arrangement be made that would infringe Iraq’s “sovereignty and full independence”. His Royal Highness responded by saying that treaty revision was designed to benefit both countries and that “my people must take into consideration the realities” of existing conditions in the world which for security reasons requires sound treaty relationship of this nature with friendly power.

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Although I did most of talking His Royal Highness seemed genuinely interested in subjects mentioned Embtels 5 and 6, January 52 and particularly as regards US Government’s attitude on treaty revision matter. On this subject he twice remarked that he was glad to receive information conveyed.

Sent Department 3 [7?], repeated London 3.

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