741.90G/11–2647: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iraq

top secret

441. For Dorsz.2 Dept understands Busk Brit Chargé d’Affaires is being instructed to enter into top secret negotiations with Iraqi Govt looking forward to revision of Brit-Iraqi Treaty. Busk is also being instructed to keep in touch with you re developments. Dept considers that it is in interests of US that outcome of these negotiations be such as to insure satisfaction of Brit strategic needs in Iraq. You are therefore authorized to cooperate with Busk in this matter and to give him such support as you and he might consider appropriate.

In lending your support you may in case the two of you should consider it helpful discreetly mention matter to Regent3 or pertinent Iraqi officials pointing out importance to security of Middle East which US ascribes to successful outcome of negotiations.

  1. Edmund J. Dorsz, First Secretary, of Embassy in Iraq, at this time serving as Chargé.
  2. Abdul Ilah.