891.001 Pahlavi, Reza Shah/5–2048: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Iran


496. Urtel 551, May 20.1 Desire of Shah to visit US in near future has been discussed in confidence with Amb Ala. He feels strongly that time is not propitious for Shah to leave Iran for following reasons: (1) Recent menacing Soviet notes, alleging situation in Iran similar to 1941 when USSR occupied northern Iran on asserted basis 1921 Treaty, portend intensification Soviet subversive activities in Iran and possible introduction of Soviet troops; (2) instability of present Govt and continuing doubts concerning Qavam’s2 purposes require stabilizing influence of Shah’s presence; (3) it is uncertain who would act as regent in Shah’s absence, particularly since Shah [Page 148] has not yet been crowned and, therefore, successor has not been named; (4) in any event, visit of Shah to US should be made an object in itself and not related to such personal diversion as attending sporting event in London.

While recognizing general desirability of Shah visiting US and realizing that Iranian situation will probably never be completely stabilized, Dept tends to agree with Ala in present circumstances.

If you concur in this estimate, we suggest that you attempt to discourage Shah from persisting in his desire to visit US in near future. As reasons for such suggestion to Shah, you might wish to point out (1) that exigencies of political campaign during election year might make it difficult for President and other high officials to devote as much time as they would like to Shah, (2) other Chiefs of State have already been invited to visit US this summer and their presence would also detract from time which President could devote to Shah, and (3) unpleasantness of Washington summer weather.

You should of course reiterate that we are most anxious to have His Majesty visit US whenever time is propitious.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Ahmad Qavam, former Iranian Prime Minister.