840.50 Recovery/7–848: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Special Representative in Europe (Harriman), at Paris


2532. Appreciate recommendation contained urtel Repto 52 July 71 concerning Yugoslav situation. However, as I have already informed Royall2 in response his reference Draper’s telegram3 to me believe situation too fluid at present for us to undertake steps Draper proposes. Accordance Circular Telegram June 30 6 AM4 agree that we should not discourage an approach by Tito but question whether conversation with Chargé mentioned infotel July 6 9 AM5 constitutes such initiative. Infotel omitted mention that Yugo official concerned was Secretary Yugos journalist society. In any case infotel also omitted to state that Chargé indicated no reason why worthwhile trade between Yugos and Western Europe and between Yugos and US could not be built up over period time, position which should, I think, provide encouragement you suggest to degree desirable pending further clarification situation.

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