The Ambassador of the Soviet Union ( Panyushkin ) to the Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs ( Thorp )

No. 35

Sir: In my letter of January 31 I informed you of the measures adopted by the Government of the USSR on the question of the transfer to American representatives of eight merchant vessels, and I also communicated the proposal of the Government of the Soviet Union [Page 970] that the transfer of the vessels be carried out by means of brief bills of receipt with an enclosure of the inventory list.

No remarks were contained in your letter of reply of February 6 or in the supplementary letter of February 12 concerning such an arrangement for the transfer of the vessels. However upon receipt in Hongkong of the tanker Krasnaya Armiya, the American representatives demanded that the vessel be brought to dock, that a screw be removed, that a tail shaft be extracted, that the Kingston pins be worked over, that the anchor chains be repainted and that other work be performed. In view of these demands the transfer of the tanker referred to is being delayed.

In informing you of the foregoing, I request that measures be taken so that the American representatives in Hongkong immediately be given instructions to revoke these unfounded demands and to receive the vessel without delay by means of a brief bill of receipt with an enclosure of the inventory list.

I should be grateful if you would rapidly inform me of the measures which you have adopted.

Accept [etc.]

A. Panyushkin