124.616/1–3148: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Soviet Union


271. Dept approves in principle reorganization proposals Embdesp 134, Jan 31 and personnel changes recommended Embdesp 135 same date but may have some suggestions re details.1 Dept prepared attempt persuade Army accept proposed curtailment MA staff.

Dept assumes you will exploit to full any bargaining value staff reductions may have in your negotiations with Sov authorities to obtain better treatment. Pursuant Deptel 22, Jan 8 Dept would prefer postpone final decision staff reductions pending outcome final representations to Molotov for additional housing and more considerate customs treatment. If these representations fruitless application strict reciprocity Sov representation here would follow. This procedure would permit second opportunity approach SovGov when staff reductions finally determined in another attempt elicit concessions before further reduction Sov representation here on reciprocal basis.

  1. Neither despatch printed.