Memorandum of Conversation by Mr. William A. Crawford, Member of the Division of Eastern European Affairs

Participants: Mr. Ivan S[avvich] Naumenko, Attaché, Soviet Embassy
Mr. Crawford—EE

Mr. Naumenko phoned today to inquire if the Soviet Embassy might expect the release from the New York Customs of 19 pieces of baggage containing chancery supplies consigned to the Soviet Consulate General and mentioned in the Embassy’s note No. 11 of January 19.

I informed Mr. Naumenko that the same considerations obtain with regard to the release of these supplies as in the case of the 40 pieces also held in New York Customs concerning which he had made several earlier inquiries. I said that so long as the Soviet Government fails [Page 812] to resolve favorably the question of the large amount of American Embassy supplies which it now holds in Moscow Customs, there is little likelihood that the Soviet consignments will be released.1 Mr. Naumenko said that he would report this information to his government.

William A. Crawford
  1. A similar request was made on March 12 by the First Secretary of the Soviet Union, Boris Mikhailovich Krotov, to Valdemar N. L. Johnson, country specialist in the Division of Eastern European Affairs, and a similar answer was given.