811.00/1–948: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Smith) to the Secretary of State


49. One and half columns Tass1 despatch President Truman’s state of union speech2 all papers January 9 attempts indicate that American people struggling with same or worse problems than Soviet people by emphasizing and quoting selections seeming substantiate current Soviet propaganda line or adaptable thereto.

Article alleges message acknowledges impending economic crisis US where people already suffering inflation, certain citizens still deprived equal opportunities education, work, vote, protection laws.

Article emphasizes sections speech on poor conditions education, public health, high cost living, low family incomes, but high incomes monopolies.

Foreign affairs. Article claims Truman asserted US policy aim attainment world peace but “in essence defended policy US intervention other countries under flag defense freedom, policy economic intervention by taking advantage economic need these countries.”

Article emphasized appeal maintenance armed forces, introduction UMT, and declares he tried absolve US from guilt for lack peaceful [Page 795] regulation occupied countries by unfounded assertion positive efforts US this field “have so far been hindered.”

This Tass despatch of course typical example Soviet practice distort and ridicule our best efforts and intentions, particularly any which might indicate possession progressive social consciousness which according current propaganda is exclusive Soviet monopoly.

  1. Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union, official news agency of the Soviet government.
  2. Excerpts from this message delivered before a joint session of the Congress on January 7 are printed in Department of State Bulletin, January 18, 1948, pp. 90–92.