860D.002/7–2848: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Warren) to the Secretary of State


459. Agrarian diet group chairman Juho Koivisto told Legation officer concerning his visit with President Paasikivi last evening to consult formation government, saying President desires Fagerholm continue attempt form government on same party basis as former, otherwise President willing accept combination Agrarian–Social Democrats. Koivisto asked President’s attitude following Foreign Minister candidates: Enckell, Heljas, Sakari Tuomioja, Hertta Kuusinen, Leino. President favorable to Enckell and Heljas and willing accept Tuomioja although latter already has responsible position as President Finnish Bank. When asked about Kuusinen whom Democratic Union have proposed, President said “Mud and manure is getting so deep its about to get in my mouth,” and thereafter said he would resign if faced with Foreign Minister Kuusinen. Koivisto stated that last night after Democratic Union had requested five portfolios including Interior, Foreign Ministry, Commerce, Education, Koivisto said Agrarians were prepared to tell Democratic Union they agreeable Kilpi Minister Education, Einopekkala Minister Justice, and their own choices for Social Affairs, Communications Posts and none other, and if they not accepted by today, Social Democrats, Agrarians would form government themselves. However, Social [Page 786] Democrats last night unwilling to go along as concerned about effect on labor front and “afraid of bear”. Koivisto thought last night was best opportunity for such action. Formation two-party government now more difficult. Although Fagerholm continuing efforts his prospects diminishing and if he fails task Cabinet formation may last long time as no likely successful Prime Minister candidate apparent. Agrarians have not waivered from their stand against giving Prime Ministry, Interior, or Defense posts to Democratic Union.