760D.6111/4–948: Telegram

The Minister in Finland ( Warren ) to the Secretary of State


223. Dr. Carl Idman, former Foreign Minister most experienced Finnish diplomat after Enckell, one time member International Court Justice, now legal advisor President Paasikivi and rumored replacing Jutila,1 asked Norwegian Minister2 arrange him meet me. We three spent two hours Idman’s house yesterday.

Apparent purpose was provide opportunity present Paasikivi’s thinking regarding Finnish Soviet pact ascertain USA reaction. He said President, though extremely exhausted physically, nervously, believes negotiated best possible pact under circumstances and decided improvement over Rumanian, Hungarian pacts since guarantees Finnish independence internally and internationally. He thinks Diet ratification easily obtained after short debate with large majority supporting. When I asked regarding broad language Article Two on consultation on threat aggression and Article Five regarding cultural economic consolidation and whether two articles expanded by protocols, he was noncommital.

Attempting convey impression pact stood on own feet, he refused commit himself categorically either on existence secret protocols or Russian attempt obtain them despite my repeated efforts pin him down. He continued once pact ratified President confident electoral campaign will proceed orderly, constitutional manner and July elections show sharp decrease number Communist Diet members. Forecasts Communist Diet membership now 50 will drop to between 15 and 20 members and Communists lose Interior Ministry.

When I asked how President reconciles such optimism with history events other perimeter states this past year and sharp blow Soviet prestige resulting from substantial setback Finnish Communists, he said President and he completely optimistic basing beliefs partly on continuance Finnish antipathy to Soviets, basic independence Finnish electorals over period centuries, and Soviet unwillingness provoke Finnish incident which might result civil war. Belief based also on precautionary measures taken by President who alerted army and feels sure Finnish organized labor and agrarian movements won’t accept Communist domination. President entirely confident Communist programs [Page 778] successful Bulgaria, Rumania, Hungary and Czechoslovakia can’t find similar pattern Finland. When he inquired regarding US attitude, I reminded him my government made no public declaration thus far regarding effect signature pact, but I felt necessary recall leading US publications like Newsweek, Time, World Report, and principal US news agencies like AP, UP, indicate US people consider Finland formally inducted Soviet orbit with ratification pact. I said quite apart from presence US some 350,000 votes Finnish origin and extraction, US people have and will continue have great sympathy for Finnish people. At same time Congress in considering ERP approved Mundt amendment.3 He must understand implications this public action in relation pacts Article Five guaranteeing closer economic cultural ties Finland-Soviets. I concluded saying my government would undoubtedly review its position regarding Finland when pact ratified and it would follow closely development electoral campaign.

Sent Department 223; repeated Moscow 29.

  1. Dr. Kalle T. Jutila, Finnish Minister in the United States.
  2. Nils C. Ditleff.
  3. An amendment introduced by Representative Karl E. Mundt, of South Dakota, to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1948 (P.L. 472, 80th Cong., 2d sess.); it placed restrictions on delivery to countries participating in the European Recovery Program of “commodities which go into the production of any commodity for delivery to any nonparticipating European country which commodity would be refused export licenses to those countries by the United States in the interest of national security” (Sec. 117 d).