760D.6111/3–3048: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Warren) to the Secretary of State

top secret

173. Supply Minister Vilhula told Legation offiver last evening Finnish Government informed 27th that Molotov rejected Finn proposal basis negotiations and insisted Soviet Union desires joint defense pact with Finland to take effect upon threat of war and not only open war. Finn delegation had been instructed by President to consider defense pact which would apply only event war and which not [Page 774] require Finnish forces outside Finland nor intervention internal affairs Finland. If pact concluded it should indicate that Soviet military support for Finland only at request Finland. All delegates except Peltonen who insisted upon following instructions expressed willingness negotiate pact of “mutual understanding” with respect to defense instead pact to apply only event war. Molotov considered that also not sufficient. After Saturday evening Cabinet session with President, latter announced new meeting twenty-ninth to formulate government position with respect Molotov proposal to be given Foreign Affairs Committee Diet four p. m. thirtieth. President met with selected advisers on twenty-ninth but cancelled meeting with Cabinet last minute indicating to Vilhula President in muddle.

It now necessary Cabinet meet today before Foreign Affairs Committee meeting.

Sent Department 173, repeated Moscow 21.