860D.00/3–1048: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Warren) to the Secretary of State


108. I am informed by French Minister via Enckell that President in his communication to Stalin, delivered to Russian Minister this afternoon, said that as previously indicated (1) he had presented Stalin’s letter to Diet, (2) and included in his del[egation] which he named the principal party groups of Diet and (3) majority opinion of Diet (which he believes represents majority of Finnish opinion) is opposed to military pact and (4) he hopes negotiations will be free. With respect to last point, both Enckell and Svento1 tried all day yesterday to talk President out of this statement without success. Svento, who was charged with translation into Russian, did not include fourth point in translation, and when this was picked up by Paasikivi, I am told he gave Svento terrific dressing down and insisted that fourth point be included.

Sent Department as 108; repeated Moscow 14; London 9.

  1. Rheinhold Svento, Finnish Associate Foreign Minister.