760D.6111/2–2848: Telegram

The Minister in Finland (Warren) to the Secretary of State


66. My French colleague told me midday his advice requested by Foreign Minister Enckell. Coulet seeing Enckell this afternoon and I inferred he has no instructions from Paris. His own inclination is counsel resistance at least delaying action, but he fears Communist coup of familiar pattern unless Paasikivi agrees go Moscow. Yesterday afternoon Foreign Minister had stormy session with President when he expressed opinion too much time lost in acknowledging receipt Stalin’s letter and advised Paasikivi strongly go Moscow. Paasikivi retorted he won’t go, but agreed send letter Stalin which despatched last night merely acknowledging Stalin’s communication. Enckell feels delay and pro forma acknowledgment will anger Stalin with Communist coup expected any moment. French Minister inclined agree Enckell’s estimate situation that time running fast. He inferred prepared give Enckell personal opinion Paasikivi should go. When he asked my opinion I replied couldn’t say without indication Department’s thinking events last few days. He said British Minister, whom I haven’t seen today because he planned leave town over weekend, is most cynical in conclusion Finns had better make best deal they can soon as possible. Question raised in conversation of possible appeal Paasikivi to UN. Coulet thought should Paasikivi make such move, [Page 766] Stalin would order Minister Interior remove President and take over government in matter of hours.