840.811/7–1648: Telegram

The Minister in Romania (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State


785. While we have no official information of intended Rumanian, position at Danube conference (urtel 437, July 121) we believe press article reported mytel 681, June 241 accurately represents Rumanian position and foreshadows their tactics, namely that control of Danube is province of riparian states, though international control of river would be acceptable in principle if other world waterways such as Panama and Suez Canals were likewise put under internationals control.

There has been surprisingly little public comment on the conference. It goes without saying Rumanian policy will be an abject reflection of whatever position Soviets may take. As seen from here present Rumanian regime will give lip service to freedom of navigation because of peace treaty but will in effect seek to insure river’s control by Soviet Union and Soviet-dominated states.

Shall advise as to composition Rumanian delegation as soon as this information can be ascertained.

Sent Department; repeated Belgrade 45.

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