840.811/6–1948: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Yugoslavia


313. Immediately following telegram1 contains text of Dept’s communication delivered Sov Amb Wash evening June 18. Pls deliver copy to Simich in reply his representations reported urtel 733 Jun 16. In so doing you should emphasize US Govt pleased accede suggestion conference be held Belgrade.2

Subsequently Dept in receipt further note Sovs supplementing note Jun 12 summarizing information given you by Simich and stating that in view objections Yugo Govt thus withdrawn Sov Govt considers earlier agreement for convocation conference Belgrade July 30 re-established.

Dept consulting Brit and Fr and will instruct you further as soon as possible in regard submission to Yugos of invitation to hold conference.

Sent Belgrade, rptd London, Paris, Moscow, Sofia, Bucharest, Budapest, Prague, Vienna.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Telegram 998 from Budapest on June 18, 10 p. m., had recommended the suitability of that city as a meeting place for the conference. The Legation hoped that the following factors would also be considered: “Political condition here now wavering between status quo and complete communization of Hungary. Feel that publicity which would focus on Hungary in event Budapest selected for conference might tip scales favor status quo or at least delay further leftist trend. For example, conference might be used as lever to reintroduce western journalists to Hungary. Department aware that opposition still freer in Hungary than other curtain countries (except Finland). It is badly in need of any moral support we can properly lend.” (840.811/6–1848)