759.60C27/8–248: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Denmark


506. Following comment applies Embtel 718 Aug 2:1

New policy (NSC 15/1),2 personally approved by Commissioner Hoffman in National Security Council session, states (Para 3 in Conclusions) that seriously disadvantageous effects on European East-West trade, in so far as ECA countries are concerned, are not expected in view of relatively small monetary values involved.
If Danes believe air agreement only incidental to East-West trade, suggest you endeavor change their minds by calling attention to facts and considerations involved in problem of civil aviation relations with USSR and its satellites.
US advocacy of freedom of navigation at Danube Conference compatible with its consistent and continuing advocacy of freedom of the air which in turn is consistent with new policy which reaffirms US endorsement of orderly development international civil aviation on basis of reciprocal rights.
Extenuating aspects of fact that proposed agreement follows ICAO principles become considerably diluted when full weight given to fact that party of second part is, in reality, USSR and not Poland.
Advisability of restrictive action against Russia and its satellites in fields other than civil aviation thoroughly and carefully weighed during highest level considerations which led to present policy. Conclusions, concurred in by Dept, National Defense Establishment, Occupation Commanders Germany and Austria, and Members National Security Council, including President of US, were to effect that civil aviation should be treated as special case.
Policy has two principal aspects:
Blocking Soviet and satellite civil air operations outside the iron curtain.
Embargo on export of aircraft parts and equipment from US and countries acting in concert.

Denial use of maintenance facilities to USSR and satellite aircraft is part of restrictive action called for in (b) above and as spelled out in Para 2g in Recommendations.

As soon as possible following Brit approval US policy (Deptel 493 Jul 30)3 Dept will transmit further instructions concerning approach to be made to Govt of Denmark. Such approach will include expression of US views concerning maintenance facilities.

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In meantime, if unsuccessful in persuading Danes to withhold formal conclusion of air agreement with Poles until US has opportunity fully express its views, you should urge Danes insist upon escape clause under which proposed agreement could be terminated by either party on short notice.

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