765.0027/4–548: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in Italy

secret   urgent

960. Reurtels 1534, Apr 5, 1513 Apr 3, and 1495 Apr 2.1 Dept appreciates Emb’s full reports on Itals thinking re satellite air relationships and suggests following US views be conveyed informally to Itals prior to April 7 Ministerial meeting:

While US endorses Ital exploration possibility air operations to eastern countries and concurs such operating arrangements should be provisional and on strictly reciprocal basis, Dept believes Itals would be wise defer entire question agreements satellite countries, formal or informal, until after elections.
US continues feel Italy should take such steps as necessary effectively stop further Czech flights at least until after April 18, and that flight requests other satellite air carriers should be examined with extreme caution before landing rights granted. Dept recognizes possibility some form joint action may be ultimately desirable or necessary but in meantime feels Italy, whose own interests and security are directly at stake, should take necessary preventive measures.

  1. None printed.