860F.00/79600/3–848: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Offices 1


In view political developments Czech,2 Dept seriously concerned Czech air expansion to Middle and Near East (re airgrams New Delhi A–67, Feb 13; Bombay A–60, Feb 20; Karachi A–51, Feb 24; Baghdad A–65, Feb 13; Praha A–20, Jan 8; Athens tel 352, Feb 26; Deptel 274 to Athens, Mar 4)3 and suggests addressee missions, in their discretion and if feasible, use their influence prevent implementation Czech proposed service along route to Bombay.

Info missions only, Dept continues believe (Deptel 194 to London, Jan 20) exchange air rights on reciprocal basis between satellite countries and Western Europe has certain advantages from US overall political and economic point of view but that expansion satellite carriers to Near and Middle East is problem different category which must be carefully weighed in light all factors. Czech proposed extension its European air routes to Near and Middle East Dept feels should at present time be opposed if possible and practicable.4

  1. This telegram was sent to the Embassies in India, Italy, Iraq, Pakistan, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and Egypt, to the Legation in Switzerland, and to the Consulate in Bombay.
  2. For documentation regarding the concern of the United States in the overturning of the Czechoslovak Government at the end of February 1948, see pp. 733 ff.
  3. None printed.
  4. Telegram 355, March 22, to Athens, not printed, observed additionally that Communist air expansion into the Middle and Near East could be handicapped if not entirely blocked if current Czechoslovak air operating rights through Athens to the Middle East could be at least temporarily cancelled. It was suggested that the Greek Government be approached on the matter (860F.79600/3–2248).