711.4027/l–2048 telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the united Kingdom

secret   urgent

194. Re teletype conference Jan 201 Dept hopes discussions re interim aviation policy toward Soviet and satellite resulting therefrom has served to clarify Embs views. Additional background which may prove useful in forthcoming discussions with Brit follows: Thorough review pros and cons of containment considered particularly in connection with question raised by Emb Rome re Ital-satellite negotiations and by proposal of Hungs for exchange of commercial rights (Deptels 94, to Rome Jan 142 and 46, to Budapest, Jan 153) resulted in following conclusions:

From political and economic point of view restoration normal commerce, communications and transportation between satellite countries and Western Europe more beneficial to US at moment than containment.
Penetration satellite carriers to Western Europe presently considered in different category from egress satellite carriers to Near and Middle East.
Desirability maintaining fluid and flexible position and continuing advisability weighing carefully all problems on an ad hoc basis of primary importance.

Dept considers views expressed interim policy statement (Depcirinst, Jan 12)4 particularly para 4(b) have been relaxed but does not consider interim policy reversed by proposed action re Hung and Italy. Emb attention particularly drawn to sentence immediately following subpara (c) of para 4 “Such policy should be sufficiently flexible to permit modification of such control if changed conditions warrant it”. It is emphasized that situation continues highly fluid and while disadvantages of containment, at least as regards east-west operations satellite air carriers presently considered overbalancing, strict containment might at any time appear again advisable. It will be noted that Depinsts to Rome re approach to Itals concerning latter’s [Page 438] satellite negotiations provided for ad hoc discussions and full opportunity for US to express strong dissent in light of facts and conditions as they develop; also that proposed arrangement with Hung could be halted immediately if circumstances dictated.

Sent London 194; reptd Budapast 63 and Rome 153.

  1. No record of the teletype conference under reference has been found.
  2. Not printed. In it the Department stated that the United States would not intercede in Italian plans to schedule aviation negotiations with several Soviet satellite governments in eastern Europe. The United States would discuss, however, the considerations involved in negotiations with each of these countries prior to the consummation of any agreement. (711.6527/12–2347)
  3. Not printed. It stated that in connection with a recent Hungarian offer of reciprocal air rights for Hungarian aircraft to transit the United States zone of occupation in Austria en route to Switzerland, the United States was willing to exchange concurrent notes with Hungary agreeing to reciprocal commercial and Legation courier flight rights for an indefinite period, to be cleared individually, and for unhampered operation of Legation’s aircraft. The concurrent notes would set forth the special terms of such flight rights (711.6427/1–848).
  4. See editorial note, supra.