864.00/10–2648: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Office of the United States Political Adviser in Heidelberg


248. Dept has no knowledge formation “Hung exile Gov” (ur 384 Oct 26 and 411 Dec 161) although fully acquainted Hung National Committee formed July–Aug this year by former PM Ferenc Nagy, former Pres National Assembly Bela Varga, former leader Social Dems Karoly Peyer, and other prominent Hung refugees. Formation Comm publicly known and has been referred to in press various occasions.

When informed of proposed formation Comm by Hung exiles, Dept made clear informally (1) would welcome any development conducive unity democratic Hung exile elements and designed assist relief problems, encourage morale and passive resistance Hung people against Communism, and maintain intelligence channels and intellectual bonds within community democratic Hung political refugees but (2) would not in existing circumstances view with favor any activity by Hung political émigrés looking toward estab Gov-in-exile.

Available background material re Hung National Comm being assembled and will be forwarded for info USPolad and Leg Budapest soonest.

Sent Heidelberg 248 rptd Budapest 1195.

  1. Neither printed.