811.42700(R)/7–1648: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic Missions 1


Considerable thought has been given to question whether political refugees in U.S. from Iron Curtain countries should be used over VOUSA broadcasts to those countries. General belief is that refugees should not be used except in very unusual circumstances, due to resentment often felt against refugees by people remaining in their own country. Moreover, refugees are sometimes involved in political disputes, and our use of such refugees may be construed as partisan.

On other hand, if a refugee is highly regarded at home, his voice may carry conviction and impress listeners that they have not been forgotten and that active efforts are continuing on their behalf abroad.

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Dept would appreciate your views on this question and your specific recommendations concerning use of any prominent refugees from country to which you are accredited.

  1. This telegram was sent to the missions in Praha, Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, Belgrade, Sofia, and Moscow.