740.0011 EW Peace/3–1548: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom (Gallman) to the Secretary of State


1056. In a discussion with Watson, subhead Southern Department Foreign Office, today on implementation of treaties, he made following remarks:

It would be unrealistic to believe satellites have any intention whatsoever of fulfilling obligations under treaties. Many government leaders are ignorant and do not understand international obligations, and if treaties were properly implemented it would mean dissolution of Communist authority in these countries in which regimes are built solely on illegal and unconstitutional methods and contrary to treaty stipulations.

However, treaties are useful from commercial viewpoint, although claims, etc., doubtless will be whittled down and much time consumed in obtaining any redress for our nationals interests in these countries. The treaties are also helpful in permitting us to air our views on the subjugation by force of the peoples of the countries concerned.

With respect to implementation of military clauses of treaties, it is obviously impossible to believe any statements issued by satellite govts, and they will continue to reinforce their military establishments as much as they desire. The secret protocol between Rumania and USSR is evidence of intentions. (Foreign Office believes Dept is provided with copy of this protocol.) This agreement shows Rumanian Army will be infiltrated with Russian officers, that cadres of Rumanian [Page 312] troops will go to Russia for training, and that Rumanian Army will be incorporated with Russian Army to the limit of its forces.

Sent Dept 1056; repeated Budapest 25; Bucharest 16; Sofia 16.